Mannequin Vanity Records and MohaviSoul are happy to announce more new music from MohaviSoul. Here comes the first single from MohaviSoul on Thursday November 30th from their new upcoming album “MohaviSoul.” This is their first album since the 2021 release of their award-winning Stories and Memories. In this MohaviSoul tale, Randy Hanson repaints an old expression “Hurry Up and Wait” originally from the U.S. military during WWII into a new picture of our fast-paced and jammed modern living. We can all relate to this in so many ways. We all need to just take a moment now to be together before we all perish and head for the Pearly Gates.

Now available starting today, Thursday (11/30/2023) on BandCamp at:

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